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Fighting Federal Criminal Charges

The federal government has vast resources to investigate and prosecute crimes. Sentences for federal crimes are tougher, and the rules of evidence and procedures are very different in federal court. For all of these reasons, you need the best defense you can get if you are charged with a federal offense or suspect you are under investigation by federal authorities. It is critical to act swiftly to exercise and protect your constitutional rights.

At Hightower, Franklin, & James, PLLC, you are represented by a team of lawyers and investigators who have extensive experience in federal court.

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Experienced Criminal Defense In Federal Court

Tim James is a former police officer and county prosecutor. He also served as director of the Organized Crime Division for the state of Texas. He has an insider’s understanding of how the government builds its case. That background works to your advantage when we are fighting for your freedom and your future.

Mr. James and Mr. Hightower have defended hundreds of clients on federal charges, including:

  • Drug trafficking and other drug offenses
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Weapons offenses (illegal guns, felon in possession)
  • Kidnapping
  • Armed robbery
  • Identity theft and credit card fraud

The Government Is Already Building A Case

You cannot afford to wait and see. An arrest or indictment for federal crimes often comes after federal agents have spent weeks or months gathering evidence through surveillance, informants and other investigation. In other words, they already have a case against you. However, you have specific rights, and there are many opportunities for the defense to challenge the government’s methods and assumptions.

We explore Fourth Amendment defenses relating to traffic stops, searches, surveillance or search warrants. We make every effort to get the charges dismissed or reduced, especially when you are facing the prospect of years in prison. Tim James is an effective negotiator and formidable trial lawyer. We go to bat for you.

Contact Our Trial-Tested Attorneys

A conviction for a federal felony carries harsh penalties with lasting effects on you, your family and your future. You need a seasoned criminal law firm that will advocate for you. At Hightower, Franklin, & James, PLLC., we offer free consultations, so please contact us online or call 936-560-3300. Se habla español.


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