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Effectively Defending College Students Accused Of Crimes

Your college-attending son or daughter is in trouble for a campus-related incident and faces criminal charges that could jeopardize his or her future. In addition to possible incarceration and fines for drug or alcohol offenses or other crimes, he or she faces the potential of dismissal and expulsion from the university. Going to jail may be terrifying, but the long-term consequences could be worse.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you and do their best to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Our goal is for your young adult to continue attending school, keep a clean record and maintain a bright future. James & Hightower Attorneys At Law in Nacogdoches, Texas, has decades of experience in criminal defense helping young adults and their families.

Skilled Defense To Preserve A Promising Future

Serious consequences can arise with criminal accusations of hazing, drug dealing, sexual assault, assault and battery, theft, harassment or alcohol consumption on campus. Our knowledgeable attorneys, Sean Hightower and Tim James, have the experience and skills to guide you.

The student will not only face criminal charges, incarceration and fines, but also school-related disciplinary actions for violating the school’s code of conduct. Your child could face:

  • Suspension, probation or expulsion from school
  • Loss of scholarships
  • Loss of athletic eligibility
  • Exclusion from campus activities
  • Loss of eligibility for federal financial aid, including loans and grants

We represent many college students who attend the local Stephen F. Austin State University. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and experienced litigators, and we have experience defending young adults in SFA disciplinary hearings for violations of the Student Code of Conduct. We are persistent and aggressive in our representation.

See our FAQ for college students and their parents.

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Criminal charges against a college student may not only lead to incarceration and fines, but also expulsion from school. Your future is too important. Let an experienced criminal defense attorney represent you. Hightower, Franklin, & James, PLLC. in Nacogdoches, Texas, can guide you.

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